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Super successful, great looking, stud ball player for one of the best teams ever. Sure, he's always seen with different women. But isn't that the MO of a closeted gay celeb? How damaging would it be to his career if he were to come out?

He told a few people and got fired. I can't recall the guy's name. Google reveals 1.8 million results for "Derek Jeter" gay, so it's a rather popular subject.

A lot of Derek Jeter haters like to insult him by saying that he "drinks wine coolers" or "sucks A-Rod" as the Red Sox Nation shirts would read. What if Derek Jeter was actually gay and all of his super model and celebrity girlfriends were a cover up!?

Why on earth would you think Derek Jeter is gay? He has consistently over the last 20 years dated some incredibly gorgeous women, as he currently is. She was at many of his final games at various parks, sitting with his parents and sister.

Many of the gay rumors surrounding Derek Jeter (New York Yankees' star) seem to be tied to his obsessive attention to his body, like most athletes. However the poll suggests that a big majority - 85% - of respondents don't believe that he's gay.

Derek Jeter didn't want his fancy male undies on gay people -- this according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ Sports ... though Jeter says the allegations are pure BS.
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