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Same-sex marriage is legal in the U.S. state of California, and first became so on June 16, 2008, when the state began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples as the result of the Supreme Court of California ruling in In re Marriage Cases...

California is seen as one of the most liberal states in the U.S. in regard to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights, which have received nationwide recognition since the 1960s. Same-sex sexual activity has been legal in the state since 1976.

Defense of Marriage Act. In California, gay marriages are no longer recognized. While, the state does not recognize new marriages in the LGBT community, is does grant the rights of marriage to same sex unions.

Still, both decisions were resoundingly cheered by gay rights supporters. Many who believe marriage should only be between a man and a woman, however And that held to form on Friday as well, after the 9th Circuit's ruling allowing same-sex marriages in California. "This outrageous act tops off a...

Whosoever will may come, but wait, if you're gay, you've got to clean up your act first? I think it's the haters that just don't get it... So lets allow same Sex marriage Rights In California...

"The California Legislature on Tuesday became the first legislative body in the country to approve same-sex marriages, as gay-rights The ban, known as the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act, was passed by Parliament in May but was not signed by the president, Goodluck Jonathan, until Jan.

The Supreme Court gave a major boost to gay and lesbian rights, upholding a California ruling that legalized same-sex marriage and striking down a Same-sex marriage gains support. The Supreme Court rulings striking down a portion of the Defense of Marriage Act and clearing the way for gay...

Supreme Court rules Defense of Marriage Act to be unconstitutional and clear way for same-sex marriage to be restored in California.

Legislative action on same-sex marriage. Proposition 8 (2008). The Marriage Recognition and Family Protection Act. ^ "Gay rights groups ask California Supreme Court to block initiative banning same-sex marriage".

Template:Civil union A California domestic partnership is a legal relationship available to same-sex couples, and to certain opposite-sex couples in which at least one party is at least 62 years of age. It affords families a wide range of rights and responsibilities similar to marriage.

Marriage Equality: Turning the Tide. The Defense of Marriage Act. Other states quickly followed suit: Virginia in 1975, and Florida, California and Wyoming in 1977. and Elena Kagan in favor of same-sex marriage rights, ultimately making gay marriage legal across the nation in June 2015.

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WASHINGTON — In a pair of major victories for the gay rights movement, the Supreme Court on The vote in the case striking down the federal Defense of Marriage Act was 5 to 4, and Justice The case concerning California's ban on same-sex marriage, enacted in a ballot initiative known as...
Picture : Supreme Court Bolsters Gay Marriage With Two Major Rulings